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Should India Adopt One India One Election? -1nation1election.com

Should India Adopt One India One Election?- One issue of One Nation-One Election is in the headlines these days. The Modi Government of the Center wants the Lok Sabha and the assembly elections to... Read more »
एक देश-एक चुनाव

One Nation-One Election | एक देश -एक चुनाव @1nation1election.com

One Nation-One Election | एक देश -एक चुनाव: Election Commission has taken the option of rhythm in view of Prime Minister Modi’s plan of ‘One Nation-One Election‘. The commission has suggested ‘one year,... Read more »
एक देश एक चुनाव

One Nation One Election essay in Hindi यहाँ पढ़े -1nation1election.com

One Nation One Election essay- The issue of One Nation One Election has caught up. After the Lok Sabha elections in the country, many elections are held in all the states including assembly... Read more »
One Nation One Election Disadvantages

One Nation One Election Disadvantages, “One India One Election” Disadvantages

One Nation One Election Disadvantages: One India-One election This is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s idea. This means that the elections of the Lok Sabha and all the assemblies will be done together. President... Read more »