Should India Adopt One India One Election?

Should India Adopt One India One Election?- One issue of One Nation-One Election is in the headlines these days. The Modi Government of the Center wants the Lok Sabha and the assembly elections to be held all over the country. This is not the first time that the Modi government is looking serious about it. Even before, the idea of ​​the One Nation-One Election was being discussed.

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Should India Adopt One India One Election?

Not only this, former President Pranab Mukherjee, President Ramnath Kovind, LK Advani and Nitish Kumar have expressed their views in this right. But now the Modi Government wants to realize the dream of 1 Nation 1 Election.

On the issue of taking the elections together in the country, its followers and opponents have their own logic, where its supporters say that this will reduce the cost of holding elections by nearly 50 per cent, in the country.

Development will also accelerate. Elections are held in some part of the country. In this way, the attention of MPs and legislators goes away from their work or the field. Due to the election code of conduct, due to the implementation of the code of conduct, it is also said that the development work is interrupted.

Is India ready for 1 nation 1 election?

At the same time, opponents of this system argue that hope will be more. Debate will be going on is India ready for 1 nation 1 election? Wherever there is President’s rule, when elections should be held there, the decision will depend on the Central Government, but in a state where a government is governing majority and its tenure is more than six months, there will be a constitutional problem. It can not be easy to deal with.

Should India Adopt One India One Election?

Suppose all the elections will be made in Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha together in the country, But if any party or coalition in any state does not get majority or if it comes to the polls again after two years, how will it be dealt with in that situation? This would be a long debate over the adoption of 1 nation 1 election.

Elections are held anywhere in the country in six months every year. Code of Conduct is enforced. All the work of the government gets stalled. If elections are held simultaneously, then the central government will be free from worry of winning elections in some states at all times. There is a dilemma in my mind about this matter.

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The leader is worried about being anxious, or is it to become free from anxiety? History tells you that the leaders concerned with winning the elections have not done so many bad things, as the leaders free of pressure of popularity. Still the question is unanswered whether India should adopt One Nation-One Election or not.

Just need to look at the advantages and disadvantages, which will have the legal facility. In this debate, hardly anyone reminded that this question is also related to our constitution. The election of Parliament and Legislative Assemblies together will mean eliminating the system of parliamentary democracy of the country and establishing a Presidential system. When should our country adopt ek desh ek chunav.

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Suppose that the Lok Sabha and all the assembly elections in the whole country will be held in 2019. So now the next election will be in 5 years after 2024. Now suppose that in 2020, a state government loses majority. What will happen in this? The next election is 4 years away.


  • If Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha Eelections conducted simultaneously, Politicians will focus more on Country development.
  • Black money can be reduced.
  • Booth Capturing can be controlled.
  • Less disruption in public life like road traffics, time  etc.
  • It is also good for micro-governance.


  • Frequent elections in the country will bring politicians back to public frequently.
  • Majority of voters of our country are uneducated and unaware about the mechanisms of the polity, so they may get confused about ‘One Nation-One Election‘.
  • The national issues would overpower the state which in turn would get less priority from the politicians.


One India One election would be a good Choice if it could be carried out with all the rules and regulations with in proper way. It is also good for the election Commission so then can lookout other administrative works at the rest of time.

Either the government will continue, but the government does not have a majority, so he will not be able to pass the law nor will the budget pass. The Chief Minister will be the government, there will be all the frills, just no work will be done. Imagine what is the solution to this constitutional crisis.

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